In order to ensure that all transactions made through our (Treats N More) are secure, we
developed these measures:

  1. An SSL protocol was implemented on the platform website which encrypts all
    information that goes through the site, such as and sensitive data that customers share
    during the checkout process.
  2. The Card Payment module used in the website is PCI compliant. PCI DSS requires
    organizations to comply with 12 general data security requirements that every
    merchant needs to follow which were followed and implemented.
  3. 3D card authentication – No customer card details are stored in our system, however, in
    the event that the customers card details were stolen and used on our platform, a
    verification One Time Pin (OTP) is sent to the customer’s contact number or email to
    approve the transaction. This is to eliminate any fraudulent activities
    PCI DSS - The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard